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You know that scene I mentioned briefly that took over my brain? It is still there, and boldly, too. I have been writing, and it just keeps coming. Not that this is a bad thing, mind you, but...I didn't expect the scene to be all that long. ::rolls eyes:: I should know better by now, though, shouldn't I? ::laughter:: I do not do short very well, unless we're talking about 100 word drabbles...and I haven't actively tried to do one of those in a while.

Anyway, just thought I'd mention it.
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It gets dark pretty early now, and it's not even at the point of the shortest day. I'm feeling sick right now (anxiety), but I'm posting to lift myself up a bit.

A random aside about Kevin Hearne (The Iron Druid Chronicles author): It would appear that he worships Neil Gaiman. This makes me like him So. Much. MORE! Seriously, it made me squee - which is also a subject brought up in the third book, Hammered. ::laughter:: Seriously. It more than made me smile, it made me laugh out loud happy. Also, there will be another book, so that's good. :)

On the subject of the mixed cd's I've been working on, I have 4 filled up now, but I think I might have a little work yet on the song order of 2 or 3 of them. Still, I'm pretty happy with the progress. Music is a good thing.

Although it won't be possible to write it for NaNoWriMo, I am happy to be working on my "Souls of Winter" story. I've started on the second pov, which is a little more difficult to write, but I think I'm going to like the challenge. I'm still debating if there will be a third pov or not. I'll have to see how the flow of the story goes. If it fits, then yes, if not, then no. :p It is a somewhat convoluted plot, I admit, but if I can pull it off, it should be pretty awesome. :)

It's gonna be a long, crazy, fun weekend. :) Must remember to breathe. :)
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I was doing a lot of writing, recently. I finally started reading again, which means the writing will taper off for a bit. I'm currently enjoying the first book in The Iron Druid Chronicles, Hounded, by Kevin Hearne. It's a series that deals mostly with Celtic mythology but, I kid you not, my 2nd favorite trickster, Coyote, is mentioned on page two. Page two! How awesome is that? ::grins:: I have about 4 or 5 stories brewing in my brain, but since I couldn't decide which one to start working on, I decided to start reading again and give myself a break...and a little time to work the creativity out on where to start. :) Hearne's sense of humor has made me laugh out loud, which I love doing when I'm reading a book. Scare the normals, intrigue the not-so-normals, you get the idea.

Other than my reading/writing schtick, I have also been back into music. Thank the Highones for that, I was beginning to worry. I'm working on mixed cd's, and I'm having a blast with it. They are themed, for the most part, which has been not only enjoyable, but entertaining. Having concepts for a musical soundtrack is a lot of fun. Creating titles for those themes? Almost better. I mean, let's see, I did Loki's Lexicon: The Lyrics of Legends & Liars, and completed Venus Aphrodite's Aphrodisiac Volume: Voluptuous Arias & Alluring Vocals. I enjoy alliteration, clearly. Coming up with clever titles is a lot of fun for me. I'm working on a Puck cd, a Coyote one, one for Raven, Mars Ares, Cupid Eros, and Fox, all with interesting titles to go along. Oh, and then there's the Wonderland cd concept I came up with, which has been entirely entertaining in it's own right. It's quite a lot of work, actually...but it's stress-free work, and I've been going at it like I have a fire under me. I've also found 3 new, interesting artists, which always makes me happy.

I think that'll be all for right now. Heading off! :)
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Well, it's been a while. I've been busy, which is kind of hilarious given that I'm not working full time. :p

Happy May Day a little late! ::laughter:: Magic and mayhem, and I kind of missed out on Sunday... I was too busy being a nervous wreck.

I feel better now, though, which is good.

I'm hanging out with people this week, which is good. ::laughter:: A group hang out is definitely in order, as well as a friend who's in from out of town. I'm better than I was, but I'm still not at my best. I need full time work again. Even getting out to work a couple of days a week isn't really easing my conscience mind that much. I'm trying to delve into reading and writing, but that apparently only does so much. :p

On the other hand, I think I understand one of my characters better, which is good. I spent some time paying attention to him through another character's eyes (as the story being told is all through one pov), but it gave me a little more perspective on him, which is helpful. I like the guy, but like my main character, I don't agree with him... lol, even though he's rather right on target! My own perspective is skewed though, of course. ;)

I am sitting in the cafe, considering my next move for today. I have two new books to play with - the new Sookie Stackhouse book is out, as well as the 2nd book in the Kane Chronicles. ::laughter:: But I probably won't get to them for a bit, because I'm re-reading the last few Dresden books, and Game of Thrones. A friend of mine dropped off the series "Rome" for me to watch, too. I might be a bit slow on getting around to things, but then, I usually am.

Heading off for a bit...
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Oh, goodness. It's been more than ten days, and I really hadn't planned on waiting so long to post again. ::laughter::

Oh well. We're getting into the holidays, which means that soon, I shall have no life of my own. My life will consist of work, sleep, and - if I'm lucky - food. :) (Speaking of which, I will need to do something about that today, too... ::laughter::)

I have managed, somehow or another, to get a majority of my Christmas shopping done all ready. Which is awesome. I usually try to do this over the course of the entire year. This year, I've had no money. It sucks. ::laughter:: However, I'm pretending to have money for the holidays anyway, and life goes on. :) I'm very pleased with what I've managed to do. I just need, uh, well, wrapping paper. ::laughter:: Wrapping paper to wrap stuff in would be good. :)

The Chef has given me a Christmas Mix cd. It is awesome. :) And very weird, which is partly why it's so awesome.

Jessica Saunders has managed to talk a lot of late, so I think the third part just managed to get itself made into a 3rd and 4th part for Puck's Interview. I'm enjoying the storyline, even if I have no real point to what I'm writing it for. ::laughter:: Someday I'll go back to real work with my writing. But not just yet.

In other news, a friend of mine got married recently and some of the pictures are up on Facebook, and they're fantastic. I can't wait to go to the reception on December 12th! :D I suppose I should figure out what I'm expected to wear... and I want to call Thessalie, too.

In case I don't manage this later : HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!! :)
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I have been playing around in Jess's world because, well, Jessica Saunders talks a lot. And quite loudly. So, it's the "Puck's Interview" storyline, which I doubt I will ever publish, if I ever manage to publish anything. ::shrugs::

While I've been playing around in Jessica's world, I have learned an inordinate amount about one Alydrium di Kenthor. And, my, is he an interesting character! He kind of...fascinates me (don't tell Puck! ::laughter::). First of all, Lydri is of Mab's race and realm, not a denizen of Avalon. This puts me at a disadvantage in several ways because I don't have all the information on Mab's race that I do about Oberon's. Happily, he's apparently a little more talkative than most of Mab's people.

I'm learning all about certain customs and culture differences through him, and I've learned quite a bit about his base character as a person. His mind is...unique. Or, possibly, only unique to me because I don't really know how denizen's of Mab's realm think yet. Who knows.

Anyway. I want to learn more about him. ::laughter:: I'm kind of wanting to drop the writing I'm doing for Jessica and skip over to my little book of notes and write out character descriptions for Alydrium and Mave's other inner circle group, including Maeyavannah herself. Perhaps I could even try dipping into Mab's mind? Who knows what I might learn there...
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Some lifetime, perhaps I will have the ability to concentrate on the things I should be doing instead of the world in my head. You know. If we're lucky. ::laughter::

I've reread the first two Fever series books. I'm in the middle of reading The Lost Hero right now. I've been writing a lot, but naturally, it's not what I should be working on. Instead, it's my Puck's Interview world, which is... just... ::sigh:: Jessica Saunders, you driven, ambitious bitch, I'd really appreciate it if you'd shut up for a while and let me write OBERON's story. Grar! ::laughter::

I actually rather like Jessica. And her friends. Naturally, I adore Puck. The trickster was supposed to be the focal point of the story, you know, giving smart-ass answers and being funny and such. Apparently, however, as much of a personality as the Puckster is, Jessica Saunders is quite a personality herself. The story has turned out to be, quite surprisingly as far as I'm concerned, about the human characters.

Perhaps I should have guessed as much when, for some inexplicable reason, I decided that the whole interview thing would be told from the first person pov of none other than Jessica herself. It was kind of necessary for the world set-up and such, but I didn't pay much attention, I guess. So I was a little surprised when it dawned on me that the human characters were the ones I was really paying attention to, and learning the most about. Truth be told, I suppose there's really not that much left for me to learn about Puck. He's been in my head too long to have that many surprises left. Which might actually explain my curiosity and genuine interest in learning about the humans involved. I've learned a bit about Maeyavannah and Alydrium di Kenthor, too, which has also been interesting. And hey, at least they're fae.

I don't think my brain is going to work on the story I intended for quite some time yet. If I had to hazzard a guess, I'd say that it will at least be the New Year before I manage it. ::laughter:: That's going to have to be okay.
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It's gray outside today. I haven't had much time for writing, though, and my mind is all over the place anyway. Which is interesting, because, well, it's gray outside today. ::laughter:: It's been raining off and on, and I usually can concentrate on writing rather easily. Not so much today.

On the other hand, I'll finally be able to post the epilogue tomorrow on my obsessions account. I need my computer for that, and I don't have it at work, obviously. ::laughter:: My friend says that she doesn't feel that the epilogue is really needed, but I wanted a happier ending. :p Still, at least she likes it! :)

EDIT : And now it is Tuesday, and I have managed to actually post the epilogue, which is, thankfully, no where near as long as any of the rest of them.
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So, for anyone who is still reading my Live Journal obsessions account... I'm posting the piece I was working on for my friend, who has agreed that she is perfectly fine with me doing so. I have several portions of it all ready posted, and I'm thinking that on Friday I will succeed in posting not only the rest of it, but also the epilogue. Which is useful. :)

It does have mature content - more so than I would have guessed when I ventured to write it in the first place. Heh. Yeah.


Sep. 17th, 2010 11:07 am
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Highones be praised, I finally finished the piece I've been working on!

::laughter: Not only finished it, but I managed to get it all typed up and sent to my friend that I was writing it for! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It took over my life for 3 1/2 months. I am so glad to be done with it! ::laughter:: Don't get me wrong, writing it was a blast, I had a great time! But it needed to have been done so long ago!! ::laughter::

Apparently, it is 81,395 words. This is, in NO way, a SHORT story...which is what I had set out to write. ::laughter:: Oh well. It's done now, and I can play with other things again.


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