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My mom's service was yesterday. I was exhausted by the time I finally got home, and it wasn't even all that late, but I wasn't sleepy. I stayed up and started reading a new book until around eleven or so, I think. Maybe later. My concept of time has always been poor, my current lack of enthusiasm has not helped things.

I am okay, I think. I was able to get up and read what I'd written down what I wanted to say about my mom. It was difficult, but I managed it. As terrible a reason as it was to get together, it was really good to see my family, too. I think I may be fully lacking the ability to fall into hysterics. I shed a few tears here and there, but I don't fall apart. I am noticeably lacking in my usual energy, but given even the slightest provocation, my general cheer surfaces. That's just as well, I guess. I've always found it difficult to stay unhappy for any length of time.

Anyway. I ended my last post with the information that I had good news I wasn't in the mood to share. I feel more like sharing it, now, so here goes: I got my job at Robbins' Diamonds back.

Crazy, seeing as I'd been laid off, right? I'm not going to go into the details online here, but it's a good thing. I'm happy to be back. And it gives me something to do, too, which is probably really good right now.
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Dear Universe:

Sweet Goddess above us, please let this work out!

I have an interview on Tuesday. That's about the extent of what I'm currently willing to say on the matter. ::laughter::

I don't know if it's for full or part time. Right now, so long as they hire me, I don't care. :) Okay, I suppose that's not really true. All the same, for this particular position it would probably be in my best interests for it to be part time. Either way, though, I have the possibility of work.

Please, please, please, let me get this job.

~Me :)
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So life is tough all around - I was let go on Saturday. ::laughter:: I'm not happy about that, but I have something that resembles a plan. :p I'm doing what I'm supposed to, like applying for unemployment benefits, and looking for new employment (obviously). At the moment, I'm looking for a p/t job to supplement so that I don't have to take the first f/t job that comes along, regardless of if it pays me enough to actually live. Go me, being all adult and stuff.

Have I mentioned that I hate being an adult? :p ::laughter:: Ah, well!

No one is happy about it - several of my coworkers were really upset. I didn't stick around to tell them because I didn't want to upset them when they had to work the rest of their shifts, so I headed out without really talking to much of anyone. I have so much work cut out for myself. ::sigh:: And I really liked working at the jewelry store. Bleh.

Today is "get my resume up and running" day. Tomorrow is "apply like crazy" and "talking to a couple of people I know" day. Please, please, let me find a p/t job fast so I can get down to the real work (ha ha) of looking for a decent f/t job (not that I won't be doing that, too).

Right now, time for a reading break, and some FOOD. :)
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So, I'm feeling better now than I was when I last posted. I was busy having a series of anxiety attacks, then.

So, we had a conference call. On Halloween. Needless to say, it was not because we had fabulous news. Two stores are closing. Ours will be the only one left after Christmas this year. All in all, I'm really grateful that I work in our store, and that I will still have a job.

I don't really know what to think about everything, because there are so many questions that we just don't have answers to right now. I'm much calmer about that than I was before. I'm sleeping better, which is good. Although there are huge ways in which this entire situation sucks, there is some good to come out of it. Our store has been holding up the company for years. We've carried, in the past, 5 locations. In the past year, we've been carrying 3. Next year, we will only have to carry ourselves, which we should be able to do without issue. The owner feels our chances of survival in the overall because of this decision are much better. In fact, he doesn't appear to be worried about our store at all.

Anyway. I've figured out how to breathe again. ::laughter:: So, yeah.


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