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Oh, goodness. It's been more than ten days, and I really hadn't planned on waiting so long to post again. ::laughter::

Oh well. We're getting into the holidays, which means that soon, I shall have no life of my own. My life will consist of work, sleep, and - if I'm lucky - food. :) (Speaking of which, I will need to do something about that today, too... ::laughter::)

I have managed, somehow or another, to get a majority of my Christmas shopping done all ready. Which is awesome. I usually try to do this over the course of the entire year. This year, I've had no money. It sucks. ::laughter:: However, I'm pretending to have money for the holidays anyway, and life goes on. :) I'm very pleased with what I've managed to do. I just need, uh, well, wrapping paper. ::laughter:: Wrapping paper to wrap stuff in would be good. :)

The Chef has given me a Christmas Mix cd. It is awesome. :) And very weird, which is partly why it's so awesome.

Jessica Saunders has managed to talk a lot of late, so I think the third part just managed to get itself made into a 3rd and 4th part for Puck's Interview. I'm enjoying the storyline, even if I have no real point to what I'm writing it for. ::laughter:: Someday I'll go back to real work with my writing. But not just yet.

In other news, a friend of mine got married recently and some of the pictures are up on Facebook, and they're fantastic. I can't wait to go to the reception on December 12th! :D I suppose I should figure out what I'm expected to wear... and I want to call Thessalie, too.

In case I don't manage this later : HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!! :)
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Okay, a friend of mine from college and her beau got married yesterday, July 31st! It was a fabulous wedding - Greek Orthodox ceremony, with lots of traditional Greek dances at the reception! My friend's dress was Gorgeous!! ::laughter:: She went with a white dress that had stunning red accents. It was amazing! I have a few pictures, but I can't wait to see everyone else's. ::laughter:: I know people who are better photographers than I am.
Totally, though. The wedding t'was a romp indeed!!!

One of the true bonuses for me is the facts that my friends from college not only know and accept how insane I am... most of them are nearly as crazy themselves in some way or another. The bride and groom, and many of my college friends had the opportunity to meet The Puck (Plushie) on July 4th when so many of us were able to get together. Some of them totally fell in love with him. So... I took him to the wedding yesterday. The reception, anyway. ::laughter:: And there are a surprising number of pictures with him in them. Including the professional photographer's shot of the UD Crew...well, one of the shots he took of us all. :) I can't WAIT to see how that one came out! It's terribly exciting. And insane. And fun.

It was just so great to see everyone again! I have to make it to MLK in 2011, I really just do. And I also really need to make it out to the west coast and visit friends I have out there. Naturally, Puck has to go. Puck has to go everywhere interesting I go ever again. ::laughter:: I can't wait to get to Ireland now... ;)

The Greek Orthodox ceremony is, by the way, really interesting! I loved listening to another language, the fact that everything is done 3 times to represent the Holy Trinity, and most certainly the crowning of the couple. I may have a soft spot for crowns... ::laughter:: But anyway. Then at the reception, there was traditional Greek dancing! Which is a blast, if somewhat more difficult to pick up than I would have guessed.

Oh, gosh, I just had so much fun!!!! It was a lovely ceremony, and the reception was a blast, and I got to see so many of my friends from college. The Artist's maid of honor speech was really touching, and got several of us to start tearing up. It's been kind of traditional (possibly by accident) to mention at our weddings that the UD Crew IS in fact family. Oddly, my dad was really the one to start that, at my wedding. But it's so true. Family is not just blood, certainly not any more. The better part of 3-4 years of my life were spent with these people. I didn't just want them at my wedding - I needed them to be there. Apparently, they all feel pretty much the same. There has been some major distance-traveling over the last 3 years with the weddings we've shared with the group so far. I can't wait to see what other adventures we'll all have together in the future.

I am incredibly blessed. I always have been, with friends/family. :)

Okay, and I'm about to get WAY too mushy, so I'm going to stop now. The wedding was amazing. 'Nuff said.


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