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I get on spurts, you see, of being far more social than I usually am. Not because I'm not a social sort, really, but still. I tend to hang out with the same group of friends every Friday night, and that's about it. A co-worker of mine called me a "social faerie" the other day, in honor of the fact that I spend more time mentally on my version of "Avalon" (which I'm trying to write down the story of), than I do on "Earth"... but, she's right.

I recently went to a wedding shower, a baby shower, and a wedding. Which is a lot, for me, outside of my social norm.

Coming up this month and slightly further we have:
1) The Secret of Sherlock Holmes. A play, in PA somewhere, at a theater I've never been to, with 2 friends.
2) A production of Jekyll & Hyde, the musical, also in PA somewhere, with 2 friends.
3) The Maryland Ren Faire, in costume, with about 8 or 9 friends.
4) Hopefully, clubbing at Shampoo sometime in September.
5) Probably a production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in October.
6) Probably the Pennsylvania Ren Faire on Halloween, again, with several friends.

After that point, I will probably not be social again until after the Christmas Holiday, so... yeah. I guess it's good to get it all in. But, it's a LOT of stuff. Which is...odd. And, on top of that, I'm trying to ADD to it early next year... ::laughter:: But that's a bit too far ahead for me to worry about over much right now.

Still. Oddly social faerie-girl. :)


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