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It gets dark pretty early now, and it's not even at the point of the shortest day. I'm feeling sick right now (anxiety), but I'm posting to lift myself up a bit.

A random aside about Kevin Hearne (The Iron Druid Chronicles author): It would appear that he worships Neil Gaiman. This makes me like him So. Much. MORE! Seriously, it made me squee - which is also a subject brought up in the third book, Hammered. ::laughter:: Seriously. It more than made me smile, it made me laugh out loud happy. Also, there will be another book, so that's good. :)

On the subject of the mixed cd's I've been working on, I have 4 filled up now, but I think I might have a little work yet on the song order of 2 or 3 of them. Still, I'm pretty happy with the progress. Music is a good thing.

Although it won't be possible to write it for NaNoWriMo, I am happy to be working on my "Souls of Winter" story. I've started on the second pov, which is a little more difficult to write, but I think I'm going to like the challenge. I'm still debating if there will be a third pov or not. I'll have to see how the flow of the story goes. If it fits, then yes, if not, then no. :p It is a somewhat convoluted plot, I admit, but if I can pull it off, it should be pretty awesome. :)

It's gonna be a long, crazy, fun weekend. :) Must remember to breathe. :)
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I was doing a lot of writing, recently. I finally started reading again, which means the writing will taper off for a bit. I'm currently enjoying the first book in The Iron Druid Chronicles, Hounded, by Kevin Hearne. It's a series that deals mostly with Celtic mythology but, I kid you not, my 2nd favorite trickster, Coyote, is mentioned on page two. Page two! How awesome is that? ::grins:: I have about 4 or 5 stories brewing in my brain, but since I couldn't decide which one to start working on, I decided to start reading again and give myself a break...and a little time to work the creativity out on where to start. :) Hearne's sense of humor has made me laugh out loud, which I love doing when I'm reading a book. Scare the normals, intrigue the not-so-normals, you get the idea.

Other than my reading/writing schtick, I have also been back into music. Thank the Highones for that, I was beginning to worry. I'm working on mixed cd's, and I'm having a blast with it. They are themed, for the most part, which has been not only enjoyable, but entertaining. Having concepts for a musical soundtrack is a lot of fun. Creating titles for those themes? Almost better. I mean, let's see, I did Loki's Lexicon: The Lyrics of Legends & Liars, and completed Venus Aphrodite's Aphrodisiac Volume: Voluptuous Arias & Alluring Vocals. I enjoy alliteration, clearly. Coming up with clever titles is a lot of fun for me. I'm working on a Puck cd, a Coyote one, one for Raven, Mars Ares, Cupid Eros, and Fox, all with interesting titles to go along. Oh, and then there's the Wonderland cd concept I came up with, which has been entirely entertaining in it's own right. It's quite a lot of work, actually...but it's stress-free work, and I've been going at it like I have a fire under me. I've also found 3 new, interesting artists, which always makes me happy.

I think that'll be all for right now. Heading off! :)
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It's been almost a month again. Heh, I'm not much of a blogger.

I'm working on mixed cds for a couple of my friends. I'm really proud of the one I finished - title and all. ::laughter:: I like alliteration, and it shows. (The title of the mixed cd I finished making is "Loki's Lexicon : The Lyrics of Legends and Liars". Lots of fun to come up with that, let me tell you! :) (The first cd had been titled "The Tricksters Tracks" - I wanted to keep both to the trickster theme and the alliteration thing.)

Anyway. Seeing a friend today that I haven't seen in months and we're doing lunch. I'm very happy about this. :) I'm obviously having fun with music of late - I'll get into that more later. :) Mostly I just wanted to get on here, though! ::laughter::

I'm doing very well today. I've been doing some writing...though much of that has been character descriptions. And I'm really stuck on the music thing. Which is good. Music is good. I need to sing more again. I've asked my husband for a keyboard for our anniversary...given how expensive they tend to be (at least what I'm looking for), I told him he wouldn't have to worry about another gift for me for anything until our anniversary in 2013! I don't know if he likes that part much, but I mean, really. It's a lot of money.
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I want the Encounter cd by The Green Children.

It's not expensive, but until I have employment again, I can't justify spending money on it. There are actually a lot of things I want to buy, music-wise, at the moment. It's all across the board. ::laughter:: Need work. Work = $$ = stuff. lol.

I am such a geek.
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Alydrium didn't take well to me calling him talkative, I think. ::laughter:: He's been oddly silent since I said that. ::shrugs:: S'okay. Means I can work on the story instead of him. ::laughter:: Which might annoy him into talking again anyway. ;)

I love listening to music at any time, but in particular, when I'm writing, or typing up what I've written. Right now, I'm kind of stuck on Bloodfever because it's the soundtrack to the Fever series I read, and I want it. A lot. ::laughter:: There will apparently be a second cd at some point in the near future for the last book of the series (Shadowfever), which will be titled Shadowsong. I'm looking forward to that, as well. I just want to get my Christmas shopping done first! ::laughter::

I like the idea of a book series having an actual soundtrack. Mine do, in the way of "I was listening to _____ when I was writing it," but Bloodfever is a collection of songs written to actually be the soundtrack to the books in the Fever series. I think that's pretty amazing. :)

I don't know what the point of this post is, actually. Other than Lydri is being quiet, and I love music. ::laughter:: Oh, and I want Bloodfever. I'll take care of that soon.
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So I've been listening to a lot of sadder music recently. It does wonders for me doing my writing, honestly... ::laughter:: But it also makes my chest and throat feel tight. I'm so cheerful pretty much all of the time, and for some reason, I just love depressing-as-hell music. What, do I need to cry more or something? ::laughter:: ::shakes head::

Anyway. The song Jericho Rain is very stuck in my head of late. It's off of a soundtrack for a book series I read. Yep. The soundtrack is called Bloodrush, and it goes to Karen Marie Moning's Fever series...which I affectionately called the Faefever series before I knew that... ::laughter:: Happened to be the title of the 3rd book, too, though the title hadn't been released at the time I came up with it, either. I want this soundtrack. I want this song. ::laughter:: And, though I haven't actually heard the rest of the soundtrack to the series, this song pretty much sums up everything for it as far as I'm concerned. And it's painful. It probably doesn't hurt that I like Jericho, though. ::laughter::

I came up with a playlist on my widows media player that I titled "Break My Heart" because most of the music on it is really heart-wrenching. I listened to it almost exclusively while I typed up and/or wrote my fanfic about the twins. I wonder at my thing for heart-wrenching music. I generally stay clear of things that are too excessively pop-y. One of my favorite songs by Ani DiFranco is Pixie...which I consider to be a very "me" song. If you'd like to take it literally, you've got me. If you want to take it as the caustic, sarcastic comment that it is, then you've... still got me. ::laughter:: "I'm a pixie, I'm a paper doll, I'm a cartoon. I'm a chipper, cheerful, free-for-all and I light up a room. I'm the color me happy girl, miss live and let live...and when they're out for blood, I always give."

Ugh, anyway. My thoughts on my music choices of late. :p Perhaps I should look for something a little cheerier.
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My Memorial Day Weekend started on Thursday. ::laughter:: Not that I didn't have to work, I did. But still, my adventures began on Thursday, so my Memorial Day Weekend began on Thursday.

Thursday, May 27th - Imogen Heap Concert!
So I switched shifts with my co-worker so that I was out at 4:30. Got home, got some food, and changed into jeans, then headed over to Steven's place. Apparently, a little early, at that - I showed up closer to 6:30 than 7pm because I thought that the traffic would be worse than it turned out to be! Around 7, we headed out, with Alice (my GPS system) as a guide. :) I was clever enough to purchase an Imogen Heap shirt before the concert began, and it made me bouncy.
Though Steve and I agreed that we actually preferred the people who opened for her at the last concert we'd been to (Back Ted-N-Ted, Tim Exile), Geese and Ben Christophers certainly made for an interesting concert when they were on stage with Imogen. Their music did seem to compliment hers, and it was really awesome! Happily, she did the song "Speeding Cars" & "Say Goodnight & Go", which are personal favorites of mine. "Bad Body Double" was a lot of fun, too - I think that song is hilarious!
I got home around almost 1am because Steve and I were too busy talking when we got back. ::laughter:: Oh, and it was so worth it! Really should try to go out to dinner with him again sometime soon...

Friday, May 28th - Borders Crew!
So, Friday is my usual hang-out with my friends from the bookstore, which is always fun, no matter what we do. The original plan was to do a movie night, but that kind of fell through. We've been working on incorporating Lauren from the Cafe into our little group, and she actually came OUT with us (as apposed to having us over to her place)!! It was very exciting. :) However, we were 2 short of our number, no Logan and no Bethany. :( Still, Paul, Jason & I headed to Denny's to meet up with Lauren for dinner. It was just... very early. ::laughter:: I was really hyped, which is fairly usual for me... and I informed my friends that I my friend Sara was making me a crochet Puck doll, which we (naturally) had to call a Puck Plushie. I've wanted a Puck doll for SO long... ::laughter:: It's terribly exciting!
Anyway. We ate stuff, and chatted, and generally had a good time... and then we figured we should probably leave to open up our table for other people. ::laughter::
I was far too awake to go home, though, because it was still too early... we wound up walking around the parking lot a few times and talking more. I discovered that too many of them have not seen essential movies, which I have now vowed to fix. ::laughter::

Saturday, May 29th - A Midsummer Night's Dream!
A production of my favorite play was put on by The Wilmington Drama League, and it was absolutely amazing! :D I couldn't have been more pleased - and it didn't hurt that I knew Danielle and Andrew in the cast! Amazing job, seriously. The audience was laughing throughout, which is exactly as it should be! The gentleman who played Puck (Brian Elam) was absolutely fantastic - highly energetic, got both the light and dark sides of the character, and played up flirting with Titania's fairies! Brilliant! And, naturally, he got the most laughs from the audience - Puck always does.
The costuming was great (Danielle looked seriously awesome as Titania, and did an amazing job! Andrew's hair was salt-and-peppered so he'd look older, and he was a fantastic Bottom! I would have adored just about anything Brian was wearing as Puck, let's be honest - but his boots were very cool.), and the production was just... it blew me away! I can't say enough good stuff about it! <3 I met Brian after the show, and he quite possibly thought I was completely nuts, but I was so hyper... ::laughter:: Obsessive, I am. I flatly told him that Puck is my favorite literary character of all time (which is no exaggeration, as anyone who knows me can attest...), and that he completely nailed his part. I shook his hand, and got a picture taken with him. Yep, Brian probably thinks I'm a complete nutcase. Hopefully he got a kick out of my enthusiasm, though...

Sunday, May 30th - I Can Haz Family?
I accompanied Bethany and her mom to a family get-together where I was promptly fed lots of food. ::laughter:: I had a good time, and mostly got to hang out with B anyway. :) After a few hours, we actually headed into Wildwood and wandered about the boardwalk, which was entertaining. Admittedly, there were FAR too many people for me, but all in all, I didn't mind as much as I could have. ::laughter:: We stopped in a fudge shoppe and I picked up some candy (yay, candy!), I ate some boardwalk fries (yum!), and on the way back to the car, I spent my last $2 (in cash) on cotton candy! We spent the night, had breakfast the next morning, chatted for a bit, then headed back home!

Monday, May 31st - Home Again!
I got home around 1 in the afternoon Monday. :) I spent time after that watching the entire series of Paranoia Agent. Which was fun, odd, and interesting. I liked it! ::laughter::
That really was it, for Monday, honestly. ::laughter:: I recouped from the rest of my weekend, and prepared myself to go back to work on Tuesday... :)


May. 28th, 2010 11:41 am
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This icon for "Oh Romeo!" (completely misspelled, by the way, without the "!" at the end) is my MUSIC icon, as it is the name of my nephew's band. (::squee:: My nephew is in a band, and they have a cd out!) ::laughter:: Okay, well, though pimping Oh Romeo! is probably part of my job as B-Mace's aunt, I should get on with what I intended to post about before I have to appear at work.

I saw Imogen Heap last night, in Upper Darby, PA! (Foolishly, somehow called "Philadelphia", who knew?) As the last time I saw her in concert, it was awesome! I love her voice...mmm, so much! It reminded me that I need to nab her song "Speeding Cars", which I found completely by accident some time ago and love.

Though Ethyachk and I both preferred the opening bands from the last time she was in our area, I have to say that the bands that opened for her this time (as they become part of her band for much of the show she does), suited her musical style very well, and made for some very interesting re-mixes of her songs! ::sigh:: I don't guess that they record all of it; I would love to purchase a cd or a download of the songs as they were played at the concert. It's always a new experience.

We're going to, obviously, keep an eye out for the next time she's in the area. We need to drag The Chef with us, too. :)

And that's all I've got time for at the moment. Later!


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