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Oh, day 5 is kind of a toughie, isn't it? ::laughter:: Okay, well, let's see...

Defining love is complicated. Perhaps the best way I could think of to define it would be to say that you love those whom you would do much for. I can't say "would do anything for" because let's face it - in the overall, dying or killing for someone is actually less daunting than a lot of other things out there.

You stick up for the people that you love, you stand by them whether things are going great or if times are really trying, and you defend them if you need to. You help them when you can, you take care of them in small ways. Paying for dinner and a movie so that they can come out when you know they can't afford it. Being willing to listen when they ramble or need to vent. Cleaning up after yourself at home, and taking care of the animals. Sharing hugs and laughter and making no sense but having no trouble understanding what you're talking about even if everyone else thinks you're nuts.

Love does not always drive a person to be upright and law-abiding. There are times when a person will go against what they would normally accept as correct behavior in order to help someone that they love. Love means that you don't let someone you care about wallow in darkness and sorrow. You lend your support wherever you can. Love is not always easy, and it is only worth what you are willing to put into it.

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