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Oh, goodness. It's been more than ten days, and I really hadn't planned on waiting so long to post again. ::laughter::

Oh well. We're getting into the holidays, which means that soon, I shall have no life of my own. My life will consist of work, sleep, and - if I'm lucky - food. :) (Speaking of which, I will need to do something about that today, too... ::laughter::)

I have managed, somehow or another, to get a majority of my Christmas shopping done all ready. Which is awesome. I usually try to do this over the course of the entire year. This year, I've had no money. It sucks. ::laughter:: However, I'm pretending to have money for the holidays anyway, and life goes on. :) I'm very pleased with what I've managed to do. I just need, uh, well, wrapping paper. ::laughter:: Wrapping paper to wrap stuff in would be good. :)

The Chef has given me a Christmas Mix cd. It is awesome. :) And very weird, which is partly why it's so awesome.

Jessica Saunders has managed to talk a lot of late, so I think the third part just managed to get itself made into a 3rd and 4th part for Puck's Interview. I'm enjoying the storyline, even if I have no real point to what I'm writing it for. ::laughter:: Someday I'll go back to real work with my writing. But not just yet.

In other news, a friend of mine got married recently and some of the pictures are up on Facebook, and they're fantastic. I can't wait to go to the reception on December 12th! :D I suppose I should figure out what I'm expected to wear... and I want to call Thessalie, too.

In case I don't manage this later : HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!! :)
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I am to describe my day in great detail today. Well, I was supposed to do this on Sunday, but we see how well that worked out for me, as I have been without internet and time. :) Anyway. I know what I did, in fairly great detail on Sunday, so it works out.

I have decided that beyond this entry, I'll just get around to this meme on whatever day I get around to posting. ::laughter:: But anyway. Ren Faire!

My friends and I met up at 7am at my apartment - an ungodly hour, let met tell you what - and yet, I had actually woken up at 5:30am, well before my alarm even went off. I think I was excited. Our reason for getting together so early? BREAKFAST! We chose Perkins and headed off to eat delicious breakfast foods before embarking on our quest. :) I took a picture of Paul and Puck sitting together at breakfast while we were there.

After that, we headed back to the apartment so that Handwithquill and I could change into our costumes. Yay! The Crafty One made them for us - but alas, I could not wear mine. We didn't think to measure for when my arms were flexed, and so, I got a tear in it. So I quickly changed into one of my older faire costumes (because I have about 4), and off we went!

We arrived at the Maryland Faire at around 10:30am, purchased our tickets, and headed in! By the time I walked through the gate, I'd all ready had three people ask me about my Puck doll! Which is awesome. (Yay, Darchildre!) I love faire for just that kind of reason. Everyone wanted to know about him and I wasn't getting odd looks. When people found out that a friend had MADE him for me, they became even more fascinated with him, which is just FUN.

We wandered about the Faire for a while - looking at things we couldn't afford to buy ::laughter:: and trying to stay cool with cold water because it was bloody-well HOT and HUMID out! Miles Tonne leather, Potomac Leather Co. and House of Musical Traditions were among the places we checked out - I was on a mission for a new Dryad's purse (Potomac Leather Co.) because I hadn't treated my last one very well... ::laughter::

The Crafty One and her new guy met up with us around 1pm and we grabbed some food to eat - I got fried cheese (mmm) and blackberry cobbler. ::dool:: We wandered about a bit more, and my friends went ahead to the armoury for The Normal One while I stood about waiting for my turn to have my fortune told. I usually get a rune reading done, but I went for a palm reading this go-round. I wanted to check out their palm reader (who was quite good, by the way). The hawker was a highly entertaining gentleman that I am now friends with on facebook, go figure. Dressed as I was in red and black, I had cleverly thought to bring my feather fan with me. I made friends with many of the workers at the Faire, actually, because I went about fanning everyone. ::laughter:: The fortune-teller's hawker made a pun about being my biggest fan, and we hit it off and flirted back and forth - just the way any Ren Faire should be!

We left the Faire around 4pm and headed back home. There was traffic, and not a lot of conversation because after spending hours in the hot and humidity we were all pretty beat. However, we didn't feel like ending our day together, so we got back to the apartment, everyone changed back into civies, and we threw in Into The Woods to watch. When that was done, we headed to Denny's. The night did not go long past that, though. Exhaustion took it's toll on us! But hey, it was a fantastic day with lots of fun and laughter and good company! Whee!!!

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I take issue with this request... ::laughter:: Uhm, I have a few best friends, actually, so am I to describe them all in great detail? Am I supposed to pick one? Well, I guess I'll work with three, and I'll go by length of time that I've known them.

Let's see. I met Wildflower when I was in 8th grade, right after moving to the area. I was in a pretty deep depression, and I wasn't really paying much attention. Oddly, she looked familiar to me, but, yeah. Anyway. We chatted from time to time and I really liked her, but I was just off in my own world most of the time. We had the same bus, but we didn't share any classes. So, I didn't really take serious note of her (and realize why she seemed familiar to me) until the very first day of high school, where we were both there for Freshmen orientation day. We were passing each other in a hallway, on our way to different classes (because we still didn't share any), and it was like being welcomed home. I was so happy to see her, I could have cried. ::laughter:: I didn't, we just squealed a lot and checked our schedules to find out no classes - but we DID have the same lunch period. We figured out where we were supposed to be the class before that, and then determined where to meet up to go eat together before we headed on our way. From that day on, it was solid.

What can I say about her, though? ::laughter:: Wildflower is full of love and warmth and caring. She's a care-giver to pretty much anyone who could need it. She loves her friends with everything she is, and her loyalty is fierce, and difficult to break. She smiles for everyone even when she feels like crying. Her hugs are the best. She's a hard worker, and dedicated. She is, with out a doubt, one of the best people I've ever had the fortune to meet. We used to hang out and talk for hours over the craziest stuff, and we laughed like we were getting paid to do it. ::laughter:: We can sit comfortably in the same room, reading different books, and be happy just being together.

Next up, Thessalie. I didn't meet Thessalie until I was in 10th grade, my sophomore year of high school. I met her because we were (Highones be praised) in the same grade, and had French class together. As it turned out, we were also both Theater Freaks, as we affectionately called ourselves (those of us in the school were into the arts). She's one of my more extraordinary friends. I could talk to her about things that most people would have thought I was crazy for saying or thinking or feeling. I found out that I was apparently special - I mentioned at one point to her mother that I didn't get to see Thessalie enough, to which her mother informed me that I was one of the people she hung out with the most often. ::laughter:: I suppose we had different concepts of what "a lot" was.

Like with Wildflower, it wasn't really until junior year of high school that we really started our friendship. Apparently I take a year. ::laughter:: Let's see. Thessalie, like I said, was easy to talk to about everything. I was fascinated by the way she thought, and the way she lived her life, the people she knew. I loved having her over and talking late into the night about life and philosophy, and lovemates. Dreaming of the fae - faeries, elves, dragons - was something she was entirely open to. We swapped stories of our lives, things we remembered that other people wouldn't likely understand. Thessalie was highly insightful. She could read people and situations from a completely different perspective, and I enjoyed that about her very much (and still do). Though we're far apart now (as are Wildflower and myself), there is the comfortable feeling of picking up where we left off as though no time has passed that I associate with the people I love.

As a side note, I'd been dreaming about Wildflower and Thessalie since I was about 9 or 10 years old. ::laughter:: It was a recurring dream that I had at least once a year from the first time I had it until several years after I'd moved.

Okay, and next up! I met Handwithquill when I started working at my favorite book store. We'd both previously worked in video rental stores, and we both loved to read, and write. Oddly, though I know we'd been talking and hanging out before this point, the thing that sticks in my mind is that she introduced me to Wolverine when I'd been talking about the character of the same name. ::laughter:: Which was probably an interesting way for the young man to meet me. Anyway. It was Twilight night, and a huge group of us were getting together to go. It is one of my fondest memories, though, because it pretty much cemented the group from the bookstore that I hang out with weekly to this day.

Handwithquill can come across as quiet or a little shy, but you shouldn't let that fool you. ::laughter:: She can get very talkative and rambles when she gets excited or upset. She always apologizes after, like I ever mind. As often as I ramble at her? Or squee? Or just make an annoyance of myself? ::laughter:: She can be surprisingly tough, and she talks in meows. She loves to laugh, and we can talk for hours about our stories. Unsurprisingly, since she's friends with me, she's a good listener. ::cough:: But anyway. ::laughter:: We go on late night Denny's or diner runs just to feel like we have a reason to hang out longer. We like a lot of the same things, and enjoy being very fannish together. She was crazy enough to follow me to Chicago, and to AGT, for which I will always be grateful. :)

And, unless you want me to get into my husband as well, those are my best friends.

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I get on spurts, you see, of being far more social than I usually am. Not because I'm not a social sort, really, but still. I tend to hang out with the same group of friends every Friday night, and that's about it. A co-worker of mine called me a "social faerie" the other day, in honor of the fact that I spend more time mentally on my version of "Avalon" (which I'm trying to write down the story of), than I do on "Earth"... but, she's right.

I recently went to a wedding shower, a baby shower, and a wedding. Which is a lot, for me, outside of my social norm.

Coming up this month and slightly further we have:
1) The Secret of Sherlock Holmes. A play, in PA somewhere, at a theater I've never been to, with 2 friends.
2) A production of Jekyll & Hyde, the musical, also in PA somewhere, with 2 friends.
3) The Maryland Ren Faire, in costume, with about 8 or 9 friends.
4) Hopefully, clubbing at Shampoo sometime in September.
5) Probably a production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in October.
6) Probably the Pennsylvania Ren Faire on Halloween, again, with several friends.

After that point, I will probably not be social again until after the Christmas Holiday, so... yeah. I guess it's good to get it all in. But, it's a LOT of stuff. Which is...odd. And, on top of that, I'm trying to ADD to it early next year... ::laughter:: But that's a bit too far ahead for me to worry about over much right now.

Still. Oddly social faerie-girl. :)
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Okay, a friend of mine from college and her beau got married yesterday, July 31st! It was a fabulous wedding - Greek Orthodox ceremony, with lots of traditional Greek dances at the reception! My friend's dress was Gorgeous!! ::laughter:: She went with a white dress that had stunning red accents. It was amazing! I have a few pictures, but I can't wait to see everyone else's. ::laughter:: I know people who are better photographers than I am.
Totally, though. The wedding t'was a romp indeed!!!

One of the true bonuses for me is the facts that my friends from college not only know and accept how insane I am... most of them are nearly as crazy themselves in some way or another. The bride and groom, and many of my college friends had the opportunity to meet The Puck (Plushie) on July 4th when so many of us were able to get together. Some of them totally fell in love with him. So... I took him to the wedding yesterday. The reception, anyway. ::laughter:: And there are a surprising number of pictures with him in them. Including the professional photographer's shot of the UD Crew...well, one of the shots he took of us all. :) I can't WAIT to see how that one came out! It's terribly exciting. And insane. And fun.

It was just so great to see everyone again! I have to make it to MLK in 2011, I really just do. And I also really need to make it out to the west coast and visit friends I have out there. Naturally, Puck has to go. Puck has to go everywhere interesting I go ever again. ::laughter:: I can't wait to get to Ireland now... ;)

The Greek Orthodox ceremony is, by the way, really interesting! I loved listening to another language, the fact that everything is done 3 times to represent the Holy Trinity, and most certainly the crowning of the couple. I may have a soft spot for crowns... ::laughter:: But anyway. Then at the reception, there was traditional Greek dancing! Which is a blast, if somewhat more difficult to pick up than I would have guessed.

Oh, gosh, I just had so much fun!!!! It was a lovely ceremony, and the reception was a blast, and I got to see so many of my friends from college. The Artist's maid of honor speech was really touching, and got several of us to start tearing up. It's been kind of traditional (possibly by accident) to mention at our weddings that the UD Crew IS in fact family. Oddly, my dad was really the one to start that, at my wedding. But it's so true. Family is not just blood, certainly not any more. The better part of 3-4 years of my life were spent with these people. I didn't just want them at my wedding - I needed them to be there. Apparently, they all feel pretty much the same. There has been some major distance-traveling over the last 3 years with the weddings we've shared with the group so far. I can't wait to see what other adventures we'll all have together in the future.

I am incredibly blessed. I always have been, with friends/family. :)

Okay, and I'm about to get WAY too mushy, so I'm going to stop now. The wedding was amazing. 'Nuff said.
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I'm writing, right?


One of my friends is a fan of characters that are not oft-seen in my work, because they are not exactly plot-heavy people. They happen to be twins, but that is beside the point.

So I decided, out of the goodness of my heart, that I should write a short story about said characters for the enjoyment of said friend. I asked her a few questions to get a better basis for what I should write about.

Turns out, I'll be writing a fanfic of my own fiction, where my friend's Mary Sue character from another fandom of hers meets up with my characters. Let the hilarity ensue... :p ;)
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I forgot my power cord for the computer today. Brilliant, eh? ::laughter::

I think it might rain again today. It can be difficult to tell, though.

I do have vanilla chai, though, which is always a plus. And I've got my notebooks with me. I think when I'm done with this (admittedly very random) entry, I'll head back to the bookstore again and work on the writing stuff. As to if I'll be working on outlining 1st gen, outlining 2nd gen, writing, or working on a glossary of terms and pronunciation is anyone's guess. Keeping on track is not easy for me... ::laughter:: But it's... working its way out, I suppose.

Don't really want to type up about my writing here, I have another place for that.

Happily, I got to hang out with handwithquill last night, which was freaking awesome. ::laughter:: Pretty much not seeing her for two weeks kinda sucked! I'm looking forward to tomorrow night, hanging out with friends and such. :) Should be good.

I don't really know what to post about at the moment, though. I've been feeling kind of busy, but don't really feel I've gotten much done. Oh! I have been watching the first season of Glee which makes me stupidly happy! ::laughter:: I adore many of the characters. I love the ridiculousness of some of the scenarios. And, of course, MUSIC! Which is always awesome. :)

I think that'll be everything for my random post today. :D
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Okay, so I had a fantastic Friday this past week! ::laughter::

When my coworker came in with a nifty new bag I liked, she informed me that she had made it herself. I liked it so much that I asked her to make me one, too, but in all black. Of course.

On Friday, she came in with the completed product, which is freaking awesome! It has to larger pockets which are large enough to hold about 2 of my writing journals, my checkbook, all my pens and pencils, my small "jot-down-notes" book, and my pocket calendar. It has a small pocket that fits my cell phone perfectly, and another pocket that is large enough for my little point-and-shoot digital camera or my wallet, plus lip balms. :) On top of that, knowing my love for tricksters, she came across Kokopelli buttons which she then added to the strap. I was ecstatic! It was fantastic. :) I then proceeded to go to lunch.

When I returned from my lunch break I was informed that a package had come for me while I was out. My Puck plushie doll that I commissioned from darchildre had come in!! He's absolutely perfect, very adorable and hugable, and he's been to Denny's twice now. ::laughter:: Naturally, I squeed quite a bit over this.

After work, I headed to the book store to meet up with my friends like usual. The Chef had a new mixed cd for me, so I squeed again. ::laughter::

Next stop: Denny's, where we met up with our newest group member... and she brought us cupcakes!

So, like I said: Friday was the day of "Jax Gets Cool Stuff". :) Sweet.
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My Memorial Day Weekend started on Thursday. ::laughter:: Not that I didn't have to work, I did. But still, my adventures began on Thursday, so my Memorial Day Weekend began on Thursday.

Thursday, May 27th - Imogen Heap Concert!
So I switched shifts with my co-worker so that I was out at 4:30. Got home, got some food, and changed into jeans, then headed over to Steven's place. Apparently, a little early, at that - I showed up closer to 6:30 than 7pm because I thought that the traffic would be worse than it turned out to be! Around 7, we headed out, with Alice (my GPS system) as a guide. :) I was clever enough to purchase an Imogen Heap shirt before the concert began, and it made me bouncy.
Though Steve and I agreed that we actually preferred the people who opened for her at the last concert we'd been to (Back Ted-N-Ted, Tim Exile), Geese and Ben Christophers certainly made for an interesting concert when they were on stage with Imogen. Their music did seem to compliment hers, and it was really awesome! Happily, she did the song "Speeding Cars" & "Say Goodnight & Go", which are personal favorites of mine. "Bad Body Double" was a lot of fun, too - I think that song is hilarious!
I got home around almost 1am because Steve and I were too busy talking when we got back. ::laughter:: Oh, and it was so worth it! Really should try to go out to dinner with him again sometime soon...

Friday, May 28th - Borders Crew!
So, Friday is my usual hang-out with my friends from the bookstore, which is always fun, no matter what we do. The original plan was to do a movie night, but that kind of fell through. We've been working on incorporating Lauren from the Cafe into our little group, and she actually came OUT with us (as apposed to having us over to her place)!! It was very exciting. :) However, we were 2 short of our number, no Logan and no Bethany. :( Still, Paul, Jason & I headed to Denny's to meet up with Lauren for dinner. It was just... very early. ::laughter:: I was really hyped, which is fairly usual for me... and I informed my friends that I my friend Sara was making me a crochet Puck doll, which we (naturally) had to call a Puck Plushie. I've wanted a Puck doll for SO long... ::laughter:: It's terribly exciting!
Anyway. We ate stuff, and chatted, and generally had a good time... and then we figured we should probably leave to open up our table for other people. ::laughter::
I was far too awake to go home, though, because it was still too early... we wound up walking around the parking lot a few times and talking more. I discovered that too many of them have not seen essential movies, which I have now vowed to fix. ::laughter::

Saturday, May 29th - A Midsummer Night's Dream!
A production of my favorite play was put on by The Wilmington Drama League, and it was absolutely amazing! :D I couldn't have been more pleased - and it didn't hurt that I knew Danielle and Andrew in the cast! Amazing job, seriously. The audience was laughing throughout, which is exactly as it should be! The gentleman who played Puck (Brian Elam) was absolutely fantastic - highly energetic, got both the light and dark sides of the character, and played up flirting with Titania's fairies! Brilliant! And, naturally, he got the most laughs from the audience - Puck always does.
The costuming was great (Danielle looked seriously awesome as Titania, and did an amazing job! Andrew's hair was salt-and-peppered so he'd look older, and he was a fantastic Bottom! I would have adored just about anything Brian was wearing as Puck, let's be honest - but his boots were very cool.), and the production was just... it blew me away! I can't say enough good stuff about it! <3 I met Brian after the show, and he quite possibly thought I was completely nuts, but I was so hyper... ::laughter:: Obsessive, I am. I flatly told him that Puck is my favorite literary character of all time (which is no exaggeration, as anyone who knows me can attest...), and that he completely nailed his part. I shook his hand, and got a picture taken with him. Yep, Brian probably thinks I'm a complete nutcase. Hopefully he got a kick out of my enthusiasm, though...

Sunday, May 30th - I Can Haz Family?
I accompanied Bethany and her mom to a family get-together where I was promptly fed lots of food. ::laughter:: I had a good time, and mostly got to hang out with B anyway. :) After a few hours, we actually headed into Wildwood and wandered about the boardwalk, which was entertaining. Admittedly, there were FAR too many people for me, but all in all, I didn't mind as much as I could have. ::laughter:: We stopped in a fudge shoppe and I picked up some candy (yay, candy!), I ate some boardwalk fries (yum!), and on the way back to the car, I spent my last $2 (in cash) on cotton candy! We spent the night, had breakfast the next morning, chatted for a bit, then headed back home!

Monday, May 31st - Home Again!
I got home around 1 in the afternoon Monday. :) I spent time after that watching the entire series of Paranoia Agent. Which was fun, odd, and interesting. I liked it! ::laughter::
That really was it, for Monday, honestly. ::laughter:: I recouped from the rest of my weekend, and prepared myself to go back to work on Tuesday... :)


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