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::laughter:: This entertains me to no end. I actually wrote down what I ate all day the day I was supposed to do this because I never would have remembered otherwise. :) So, in spite of the fact that it is MANY days later, I still know exactly what I ate for the day I was supposed to explain. :) By happy circumstance, I had spent the night before over at Steph & Tony's place because we were heading to the beach the next day. Whee! So, here it is:

I woke up and got to eat home-cooked pancakes (with a crap ton of butter, of course, and maple syrup), and an cheese omelette! On our way to the beach, we stopped at a Wawa where I picked up 16oz. of what my friend and I refer to as "candy coffee", which is Wawa's English Toffee coffee, which I then put hazelnut cream in (they were out of my usual french vanilla), and 2 packets of splenda. It was good, but not what I'm used to.
When we got to the beach, I wound up with a strawberry Hawiian shaved ice, which was also fabulous - and had the added benefit of keeping me cool. ::laughter:: I also ate about 1/5 of a chocolate chip cookie I had purchased while we were driving home. (I bought candy, but was good and didn't eat it!)
On the way home we stopped at an Arbies where I ate a LARGE roast beef sandwich with an order of regular fries and a chocolate shake. Seriously, I ate a lot... ::laughter::

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