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So... I am not even sure where to begin. I had a crappy few days. Friday, I had to stop my job search because I was in a black mood. Two people didn't show up for the game, so my husband wound up running a one shot for the two who did show up, while I ran my NPC (Puck, of course). They appeared to have fun, so that's good. All the same, I've had better days.

Saturday was not better. In fact, it was worse. ::shrugs:: I woke up Saturday morning, in tears, because apparently I am more stressed than I thought about my mom; I had a nightmare about her dying. My upset was bad enough that I actually felt the need to call her to make sure she was okay. This is after I woke up my husband with crying, mind you. I was scatterbrained for the entire rest of the day. On top of having a near breakdown about my mom and my stress of looking for a job, a friend asked me if I could step up and be her maid of honor, because her best friend had lost her marbles for whatever reason and changed her mind about it with only a few months until the wedding. I didn't take this terribly well, but managed to politely decline. I'm too stressed as it is, double dosing my anti-anxiety herbal; I do not believe I am capable of being anyone's maid of honor at the moment. Happily, my friend is understanding - she just hadn't thought about my situation prior to asking.
The best part of Saturday was visiting another friend in the hospital and getting to hold her new baby girl and sing to her. She's adorable. I'm in love. No, I still do not want kids, but babies do kind of equal hope.

Yesterday. I spent most of the day and night over at my parents' place. That turned out to be the best thing I could have done for myself - and in particular, for my sanity. First of all, I got to see my mom, and she was feeling pretty good, so that made me feel a lot better. Secondly, I got some laundry done - a much needed thing, I must say. ::laughter:: Thirdly, we watched the Academy Awards, which was...well, I won't say fun, but I got to explain a lot of references and such to my mom and that was fun. Most importantly, however, I found out that my brother finally actually called our mom. I really can not explain how much of a relief that was for me to learn. ::laughter:: They hadn't spoken in years; it is a pretty big deal. Better than that, is that they had an hour long conversation.

Last, but not least, today: I put in an application online for the Nordstrom that will be opening up in the mall in April. I got an email response that my answers seem to indicate that I am qualified (ha, ha, la-di-da. Sorry, but that should be obvious.), and so I now have a phone interview tomorrow. I think the job I technically applied for is probably commission based, but who knows. When they talk to me, perhaps they will decide that I am better qualified for an office position or something in HR instead of the sales floor. That would be bloody brilliant. Who knows? First things first, though; my foot is in the door, and that is a good thing. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will land something, even part time, to help out. If I manage something full time, that will be a best case scenario. :)
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I'm going to a baby shower tonight. I don't know what to think of this, actually, as I don't exactly do well at them. I don't want any children. ::laughter:: Btu I've got this great, funny, totally me-ish card to give to my friend, who will find it hilarious, and that will make me happy.

I wonder if I should bum money off of my husband. I don't know if I need any. ::laughter:: It's being held at a restaurant of some sort. Well, a pub. A place that is not a residence? You get the idea. And I, my dear friends, and very, very poor. I was happy to afford the freaking card.

Still... at least I don't have to drive!


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