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Alydrium didn't take well to me calling him talkative, I think. ::laughter:: He's been oddly silent since I said that. ::shrugs:: S'okay. Means I can work on the story instead of him. ::laughter:: Which might annoy him into talking again anyway. ;)

I love listening to music at any time, but in particular, when I'm writing, or typing up what I've written. Right now, I'm kind of stuck on Bloodfever because it's the soundtrack to the Fever series I read, and I want it. A lot. ::laughter:: There will apparently be a second cd at some point in the near future for the last book of the series (Shadowfever), which will be titled Shadowsong. I'm looking forward to that, as well. I just want to get my Christmas shopping done first! ::laughter::

I like the idea of a book series having an actual soundtrack. Mine do, in the way of "I was listening to _____ when I was writing it," but Bloodfever is a collection of songs written to actually be the soundtrack to the books in the Fever series. I think that's pretty amazing. :)

I don't know what the point of this post is, actually. Other than Lydri is being quiet, and I love music. ::laughter:: Oh, and I want Bloodfever. I'll take care of that soon.
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I have been playing around in Jess's world because, well, Jessica Saunders talks a lot. And quite loudly. So, it's the "Puck's Interview" storyline, which I doubt I will ever publish, if I ever manage to publish anything. ::shrugs::

While I've been playing around in Jessica's world, I have learned an inordinate amount about one Alydrium di Kenthor. And, my, is he an interesting character! He kind of...fascinates me (don't tell Puck! ::laughter::). First of all, Lydri is of Mab's race and realm, not a denizen of Avalon. This puts me at a disadvantage in several ways because I don't have all the information on Mab's race that I do about Oberon's. Happily, he's apparently a little more talkative than most of Mab's people.

I'm learning all about certain customs and culture differences through him, and I've learned quite a bit about his base character as a person. His mind is...unique. Or, possibly, only unique to me because I don't really know how denizen's of Mab's realm think yet. Who knows.

Anyway. I want to learn more about him. ::laughter:: I'm kind of wanting to drop the writing I'm doing for Jessica and skip over to my little book of notes and write out character descriptions for Alydrium and Mave's other inner circle group, including Maeyavannah herself. Perhaps I could even try dipping into Mab's mind? Who knows what I might learn there...


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