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I wanted to post today...but I do not even know where to begin. Feeling like I might have more than a few minutes of alone time might help. I am lost, and I am tired, and I think...being told to grow up means that he just thinks I am crazy.

I have always joked about it. After all, it is not like I run into anyone else who really thinks the way I do, who views the world the way that I do. I cut out a large part of my soul once before. Funny thing about souls. Given time, they'll grow back. They tend to be tenacious like that. I really was hoping I would not be asked to do it again. I stopped writing the last time I did it. Of course, I have not written anything in months now, anyway, so how different would that be at this point...except that I remember that I enjoy writing...or I did, at any rate. I miss it. I just...can not seem to start. No writing, no singing, no piano. I think I may be dying, except that I keep doing everything else, like breathing. Souls can wither away, too. I still have a long time to live, being dead. That does not seem like the best plan.

Maybe I am crazy...but I was happy, too. I want to be happy again. I'm just so tired...
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